About The T Case

THE T CASE is water proof, dust proof, dent resistant, shatter resistant and essentially indestructible.  It is durable, strong and able to withstand some of the most extreme conditions.  T CASES are essential for making sure your valuable equipment is not only secure and protected, but easily transported.  Each case is packed with multiple layers of eggshell and customizable pluck out foam for a perfect fit every time.
This rugged polypropylene material makes them both virtually indestructable AND light weight.  Each has its own folding handle for easy carrying and storage.  Each unit also comes with a purge valve for releasing pressure (particularly handy if you are using yours for camera equipment or electronics).  Each T Case has its own locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening, and a place for you to attach any padlock for extra security.  T Cases of all sizes easily stack one atop another to make packing and unpacking a breeze.  Stainless steel hinges are used to avoid rusting; making THE T CASE the best value water proof hard shell case on the market!


Guns | Ammo | Cameras | Glass | Marine Electronics | Dive Equipment | Antiques

Medical Equipment | Safety Equipment | EMS Equipment

Collectables | Cigars | Hookah | Jewelry | Product Samples

Paint Ball Equipment | DJ Production Equipment

And Much More!! 



Strong Lightweight Material | Water Proof | Dust Proof

Crush Proof | O-Ring Seal and Purge Valve

Folding Plastic Handles | Easy Open Latch

Customizable Foam Inserts for a Perfect Fit

An Enormous Variety of Sizes and Colors



Depth ... 3FT-15FT

Pressure ... 8,000-11,000 LB/FT

Drop Test ... 6.55FT

Handle ... 450-600 LB/FT

Temperature ... -4 Deg. F - 176 Deg. F


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