3 COVID Friendly Places for Photographers

While just recently the country enacted tougher restrictions on where you can and can’t go within the confines of the country itself, Thailand is still permitting world travel, and remains one of the most sought after locations for photo opportunities amongst a vast collection of visual artists. Enjoy the wonders of the forest with an elephant tour, or take a day to relax and capture the amber glow of the sunset. Either way, photo-seekers look no further! 



Ivory Coast  
More than some of the finest uniforms international football has to offer, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) presents ample opportunities for photographers looking to travel the world but remain safe from any pandemic related illnesses. Trek through over four hundred meters of wildlife at Banco National Park, or capture some images of one of the worlds most majestic creatures, the Crocodile at the Dipi Crocodile farm. 



St. Lucia 
With its borders remaining open to all international travel, Saint Lucia remains one of the few “eligible” destinations, but also one of the most premium places to consider traveling to during the pandemic. Considered a home away from home for countless celebrity elites, you might even catch a photo of the world’s next big Star, in addition to enjoying lush terrain and tropical paradise.

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