Transport Your Water Pipe With Confidence In a T Case

foam protection The T Case

We've all been there. That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when thinking about your favorite bong possibly shattering if it were ever to leave its safe resting place. GASP! Just the thought of your precious water pipe broken into pieces might make you need to smoke more to curb the anxiety. But realistically, taking your bong to the beach and smoking a bowl while listening to the waves crash is 100% doable. You just need the proper travel case for your glass. That's where T Case comes in. 

There's a plethora of styles of travel cases available for glass, guns, cameras, DJ equipment, you naaaaame it! If you've ever set foot in an airport you know there's two typical styles of luggage; soft and hard shell. Either works for carrying clothes and toiletries, but when you're talking about glass, the glass that is the essential piece to the puzzle to enjoy herb and concentrate, why on earth would you want anything other than the best in protection aka a hard shell carrying case?

T Cases have removable ("pluckable" if you're feeling fancy) foam that you can customize yourself to fit your piece. And the best part about the foam is its replaceable. So if you get a new Dab Rig that you want to take on the go with you, all you need is new foam for your T Case and you're all set. Remember when we mentioned smoking a bowl on the beach like two paragraphs up? Well T Cases can handle a few different elements to tackle places like the beach or mountainous hikes. First off, they are water-proof and air tight, keeping the good things in (like your waterpipe) and the bad things out like dust, sand, dirt, your ex girlfriend, etc. Speaking of keeping things out, T Cases are also Pad-Lock compatible, which means you can literally keep everything out, just don't lose your key or forget your combination to the lock, because seriously there's no way to get into these bad boys. You can throw them down a flight of stairs and they're not going to dent or even come close to damaging your goods inside. 

You can travel confidently knowing that your water pipe, dab rig, beaker, or whatever your heart desire's is safely intact inside your T Case. Now all you have to do is choose what size and which beautiful color you want to bring on the road with you. It is seriously that easy. 

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