Stay Dry: The T Case as a High Quality Water Proof Storage Box

Stay Dry: The T Case as a High Quality Water Proof Storage Box

The T Case is more than just dust proof, dent resistant, shatter resistant and essentially indestructible; it is air tight and water proof as well!  It is durable, strong and able to withstand some of the most extreme conditions.  Having a T Case is essential to making sure your valuable equipment is not only secure and protected, but easily transported, and very importantly, dry


Depth ... 3FT-15FT

Pressure ... 8,000-11,000 LB/FT

Drop Test ... 6.55FT

Handle ... 450-600 LB/FT

Temperature ... -4 Deg. F - 176 Deg. F

What do they mean?

Materials testing is important to any material, but in this instance it's particularly important to any product making certain claims about its function.  To provide our customers with peace of mind, we have all our materials professionally tested and make those results public to you.  How much weight can the handle hold?  How far can it safely be dropped?  At what temperature are the materials still in good working order?  All these questions can be answered by a materials rating.  And as you can see, The T Case is very highly rated for pressure, drop and temperature!  

Water Proofing

While the rugged polypropylene material makes our T Cases lightweight and extremely durable, it is the ring of rubber known as the "O-Ring" that makes it waterproof.  When you close a T Case, the rubber tubing of the O-Ring that runs in a groove along the outer edge of the case compresses, forcing air out of small holes.  This rubber acts as a seal - much like the thin lip of rubber on the bottom of a mason jar lid.  The seal on a mason jar can keep food fresh at room temperature for years and years, which only emphasizes the airtight and waterproof nature of a rubber seal.
Your O-Ring is integral to the contents of your T Case staying dry (and vice versa, if you're keeping a liquid inside) so proper care is paramount.  While you can remove the ring to clean it of debris, if it becomes damaged your case may no longer be able to make a tight seal.
The number one issue we find with the strength of our O-Rings?  Sometimes they seal so tightly that your case will not open!  That's why we have a built in pressure release valve under the handle - the whisper of airflow into the O-Ring groove will release the pressure, allowing you to more easily open the case.

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