Infinite Love: Endless Uses for Your T Case

Infinite Love: Endless Uses for Your T Case

The T Case is waterproof, dustproof, dent resistant, shatter resistant and virtually indestructible. It is durable, strong and able to withstand some of the most extreme conditions. It may look like just a case but we assure you it isn't - It's packed with hidden features, a great warranty and it can last you a lifetime with the right care.  But what's better is that your T Case can help your favorite possessions last a lifetime as well!  

When thinking of a lockable hardshell case, one is most likely thinking of a lockable gun case - which is exactly what the T Case is (or can be!).  Don't want to pigeon-hole this fantastic case just yet!  It is extremely temperate tolerant and airtight, making it as versatile as possible.


The 22" T Case

Are you a DJ?  A drone enthusiast? Love taking your GoPro on adventures and filming every moment?  We couldn't agree more!  From sensitive data drives to your high end enail, T Cases are the perfect hard shell case to keep your favorite electronics safe from shock and dry as a bone.

Glass Art

Nothing needs protecting and safeguarding more than your favorite piece of glass!
Whether its the hottest new heady creation from your favorite glass artist, or your daily driver that you simply can't leave home without, the T Case is the perfect hard shell case solution to fit your needs.  The Tuff Protection Team has specifically engineered it to be smell proof and air tight to keep odors "in" and nosey noses "out."   Our customizable pick and pluck foam lends itself perfectly to whatever shape you need!


Guns, Money & Secrets

The T Case as a Gun Case

No, that isn't the name of a terrible (or awesome?) spy movie coming soon to a theater near you.  The T Case isn't just for electronics and breakables!  The T Case is padlock compatible and nearly indestructible. You'll rest easy knowing that your guns, cash, sensitive documents, diaries and journals are perfectly safe!

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