Reliable Protection for Your Valuables

Caring for your T Case How To Maintenance The T Case Warranty

Reliable Protection for Your Valuables

The T Case is waterproof, dustproof, dent resistant, shatter resistant and virtually indestructible. It is durable, strong and able to withstand some of the most extreme conditions. It may look like just a case but we assure you it isn't - It's packed with hidden features, a great warranty and it can last you a lifetime with the right care!

Let's talk about care and maintenance first.  Your T Case doesn't need a ton of special attention, it's built to be rugged and to last.  We've gathered a few key points to help you troubleshoot any issues that do arise to get your case back in tip-top shape!

+  The O-Ring:  The watertight seal is guaranteed by the O-ring in the lid of the T Case and the matching groove in the base.  Regularly check for foreign debris (sand, dirt, etc).  The O-ring must be free of tears, cuts and holes to ensure a proper seal
+  Cleaning: Most spots can be cleaned with non-toxic household cleaner and a rag or sponge.  Avoid using abrasives and brushes.
+  Foam Inserts: If you accidentally remove too many cubes from the pluck out foam inserts, you can glue them back with clear glue or rubber cement.
+  Do not keep your T Case in enclosed areas during months with high temperatures or in proximity to any heaters or heat sources.  Doing so will void the warranty and may cause damages to the case or its contents.

The Easy Pull Latch System

+  Larger T Cases (16”+) come with easy pull latches to eliminate the use of extra pressure needed to lock and unlock the case.

+  The spring loaded tab at the bottom of the latch needs to be pulled out to release the latch

+  The same motion of pulling the tab out needs to be performed when closing the tab as well.

Now let's talk warranty!  Every T Case comes with a lifetime LIMITED warranty against breakages to the unit or a defect to the unit itself from us, the manufacturer.  Take a look at the full policy below, a copy of which is included in every T Case at the point of sale, and when in doubt shoot an email over to!

"Tuff Protection guarantees T Case products for a lifetime against breakages or defects in workmanship.  Our liability is limited to the case only and not it’s contents or foam.  If a material or workmanship defect arises, Tuff Protection will replace the case only.  Tuff Protection cannot be held liable for damages to personal property due to misuse or improper maintenance of the T Case or O-Ring Seals.  This warranty does not, under any circumstances, cover the replacement or cost of any electronic device or personal property inside or outside the case.  If you received a defective product, email INFO@THETCASE.COM with a copy of your receipt for a return authorization number and send it for repair or replacement to Tuff Protection Customer Service Department (postage paid).  Upon receipt of return we will notify you of the status and any handling or return postage charges."


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