The T Case Leads the Way in 2016


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The T Case Leads the Way in 2016

Introduced to the counter culture industry in early 2014, The T Case (formerly known as The Turtle Case) was an immediate best seller in smoke shops & glass galleries across the country. Our genuine love for the culture and glass art inspired us to bring the industry an affordable, durable & lightweight protective case offered in a variety of useful sizes and unique colors. The T Case was designed with glass protection & the counter culture industry in mind. Offering soft foam inserts allows for easy internal customization and optimal impact absorption. It’s also important to us that our cases are a perfect balance between durable enough to protect your valuables and lightweight enough to transport easily. After a wonderful first year & listening closely to what the glass community wants in a protective case; we have some fantastic surprises coming in 2016 and beyond, but first lets clear up the confusion surrounding our brand.

The Confusion Between Turtle Case & The T Case

We pride ourselves on being an ethical company that you can trust to never mislead you. We believe the only way to earn your business is through service and integrity. We are passionate about great service & can’t bear to see our customers deceived by less than ethical distributors. We are here to bring you the facts regarding the consumer confusion surrounding our product, The T Case by Tuff Protection & Turtle Case by Perm-A-Store.

When we initially launched our brand in early 2014, we did so under the original name of “The Turtle Case”. We later realized that although the name was certainly unique to our industry, it was already in use by other companies, domestic and abroad, using it to sell anything from cell phone cases to computer data/media storage cases.

Perm-A-Store is a corporation that manufactures a protective case designed for data/media storage called “Turtle Case”. In August of 2014, we made the ethical & responsible business decision to re-brand our product to The T Case by Tuff Protection. The T Case & Perma-A-Store have a mutual desire to maintain a professional & ethical competitor relationship. Perm-A-Store is well aware that our products are in no way an unauthentic or knocked off versions of their black Turtle Cases primarily sold internationally, until now.

It has come to our attention that a competing industry distributor saw an opportunity to ride the coat tails of our initial success as “Turtle Case”, by recently adding Turtle Case by Perm-A-Store to their available brands. While we can appreciate their desire to mimic our success, exploiting brand confusion to drive sales and deceiving customers as to the legitimacy of our product, is not just unethical, but illegal in the world of business. The orange case demonstrated in their sales pitch as an “unauthentic knockoff, was part of our initial batch manufactured in early 2014. Prior to the rebranding that followed, all cases had a black & white “Turtle Case” label. All of our products manufactured since Summer 2014 have a grey & white label branded “The T Case”. Regardless of what the competition says to get your business, we will always be the first company to bring our industry an affordable & durable case, available in a variety of hot colors & ideal for glass transportation, which simply sells itself.

The T Case would like to apologize for any confusion that this situation has caused you. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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