How To Customize the Pluck Out Foam on Your T Case

How To Customize the Pluck Out Foam on Your T Case

So you have your brand new T Case in hand!  Now what?  You have to decide what you're going to keep safe with it!  We've compiled this guide of tips, tricks and steps to take to make sure you get the most out of your T Case!

+  Identity the foam you want to pluck.  Each T Case has an eggshell foam lining on the top and bottom, and most have 1-2 layers of pre-cut cubed foam – this is the foam you’ll want to adjust.

+  Arrange the items you wish to store on top of the layer of foam, making sure to leave space around each item.  For best results, leave the row around the outside edges intact.

+  Toothpicks or similar items can be used as a guide – create an outline of your items with toothpicks in the corners of the foam cubes, then carefully remove the plug.

+  Save extra foam plugs to adjust the size of your negative space.

+  Extra foam is always available here if you need it! 

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